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Sign Up for The CLIC for Boys

Boys can be so misunderstood and have so much hidden potential. The CLIC for Boys is here to help boys be the best they can be. If you are a young man or you have a boy in your family that needs to be around positive men that share wisdom, encouragement and host fun activities, fill out this form and someone will get back to you soon. Volunteers are welcome to apply here also.

CLIC for Boys Admission Application

Sign Up for The CLIC for Girls

Girls are strong, smart and so much more than society thinks about them. The CLIC for Girls is dedicated to helping girls break gender barriers and achieve their dreams. If you are a girl or you have a girl in your family that needs guidance to make good decisions and a network of positive influences, fill out this form and we will get you started. Volunteers are welcome to apply here also.

CLIC for Girls Admission Application

Join Lady Live

Oftentimes women give so much that they end up depleted with nothing for themselves. The CLIC launched Lady Live to help women set healthy boundaries for self-care and to give them inspiration, equipping them to elevate their lives in every way. To receive this transformational content via podcast, workshops and more, sign up here.

Lady Live Application

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Get Involved with CLIC Culture

Today’s culture is filled with challenges from toxic messaging to images that make people feel less valuable. The CLIC is working to shift the culture by flooding it with positive, authentic content created by real people from the community. From podcasts to documentaries to books, we want to show you how to rewrite the narrative to reflect the true value of the communities we love.

CLIC Culture - Media Project

Build with The CLIC House

Every low-income neighborhood has streets lined with abandoned and distressed properties that bring down the value of the community. In an effort to reverse gentrification, The CLIC wants to revitalize these properties and make them available for locals who complete training to ensure that they can maintain the properties. If you have a skill set, connections or resources that can aid this mission, apply here.

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Supportive Services for Children of Incarcerated Parents

The CLIC is working to implement strategies to provide emotional support, acceptance, and positive affirmation of all members of the family. This program provides life-skills training, legal consulting services, workshops to promote positive behaviors, and job readiness skills training. Children in this program also have access to the services in The CLIC for Boys and The CLIC for Girls programs.

Supportive Services for Family Freedom

Facility Use Form (CLIC Venue Partnership)

We want to support start-up non-profit organizations and local ministries, especially those who work with families in Orange County, FL. The CLIC knows how difficult and expensive it can be to find a venue when you are trying to help others. We will work with your budget and even barter mentorship hours with you to support your venue needs.

This form is for organizations partnering with CLIC for use of our venue. Please be advised, our space is designed for small, non-celebratory events, such as trainings and workshops with less than 40 people. If you would like to have a large celebration, we suggest "Food for Thought" also located in the West Oaks Mall.

Facility Use Request

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