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Too often we see how a vibrant group of society is misrepresented, due to a gross misconception that affects how they are viewed and treated. Their culture, beauty, and behavior become the model of what is acceptable to mimic but not embrace. In our country, it is much easier to make light of stereotypes that reflect some half-truths on these groups. But a funny joke shouldn’t last hundreds of years and give such a narrow view of their value. Those stereotypes shouldn’t hold back financial and mental growth because it’s easier to laugh than admit a group’s important role in society. That group is black women/girls, and their role is beyond skin color, attitude and sexuality. We want to speak on this.

The CLIC (Community Life Improvement Center, Inc.) in collaboration with WordSpoke Media, will be addressing this reality and more in a documentary called > What U C (More Than What You See). We will be covering different topics, ranging from beauty to mindset, to see how misinformation affects the mental health of Black girls. We want to start a healing process not just for our black girls, but for those who are completely oblivious to this issue.

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