Our Team

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Natalie Jones

Founder & Board President

Nat C. Jones is the Founder of The CLIC and a Certified Life Coach with 18 years experience in community development. As a wife and mother, it is her life’s mission to uncover the hidden potential in the communities that are mostly undervalued in society.

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Ella M. Thompson, Ed.D.

Board Treasurer & Secretary

Dr. Ella served in Public Education for 35 years with experience at the school, district and state levels. She values faith, family, learning, authentic connections and equity. She believes that everyone has the capacity to improve, learn and develop into their full potential.

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Jill Bass Moore

Program Director
Jill has 20 years experience in the criminal justice and youth development sectors. She has also volunteered to help seniors and children with disabilities. She loves working with and caring for people and her goal is to help better communities, by bringing people from all different backgrounds together.
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Trina Kenon

CLIC for Girls Program Manager
Trina is retired from Federal Law Enforcement where she was employed for 28 years. Throughout her career, she has not only been involved with adult offenders, she has worked with children and youth as well. She has experience in children/youth ministry, foster care and juvenile justice.
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Corey Nery

Executive Director

Corey’s  passion and purpose are to inspire and lead others forward towards their best. He’s honored to collaborate with CLIC to help make a difference where it matters the most: the underserved (youth & adolescent) communities of Central Florida.

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Brandy Hannah

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Brandy is committed to connecting the work of nonprofits to the communities in need of their services. She has over 20 years of experience in community development work. 

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Dayna Dallas

Board Member
Dayna is a Florida native, wife, mom, and entrepreneur. Currently, she serves the community as a Realtor, helping families and individuals buy, sell, and invest in residential real estate.
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Mark Baiz

Art & Media Director
Mark Baiz is an artist and designer living in Orlando, FL but born in Trinidad and Tobago. He’s a creative evangelist that uses graphic arts, comic illustrations, creative storytelling, traditional paints including murals to uplift people with biblical messages.
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Will Morris

Marketing Director
Will is a creative entrepreneur with a heart for engaging audiences through out-of-the-box ideas. He gathers data to tell their stories and has a fresh passion to help other creatives do the same.