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CLIC Kidz Biz est. May 10, 2022, is a seasonal youth entrepreneurship program that empowers children to dream, create, and exercise their potential; through hands-on workshops (known as sessions), our program equips Kidz with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to thrive in life and business. Hosted on Saturdays through the summer and fall months, this transformational program provides children with lunch, funding, and guidance on business. Mind you, this is a preliminary journey for entrepreneurial children and families. We do not encourage CLIC Kidz Biz families to incorporate their idea as a legal business entity on Sunbiz without considering the risks of owning and operating a business. However, each CLIC Kidz Biz season concludes with a graduation event that invites the community to shop and celebrate with them. Like the CLIC Kidz Biz Expo at the end of summer, the CLIC Kidz Biz Pitch Ceremony, and the CLIC Kidz Biz Holiday Party at the end of the year. The enrollment costs vary per season, but we offer accommodations to support our applicants. Submit an interest form today for more about the upcoming sessions. Talk to you soon!

Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in your child with our Kidz Biz program! Through hands-on activities and interactive workshops, young minds will explore the world of business, develop creative problem-solving skills, and gain invaluable knowledge about entrepreneurship. Join us for a time of innovation, leadership, and the chance to turn young ideas into thriving ventures!

Why should I bring my child to these Programs?

Bringing your child to our programs offers a multitude of benefits. Kidz Biz empowers young entrepreneurs by fostering critical thinking, leadership, and business acumen, preparing them for future success. Our programs provide a nurturing environment, expert guidance, and opportunities for personal growth, ensuring fun, learning, and lasting memories for your child.