What is The CLIC for Boys?

A program focused on the personal development of boys rooted in truth regarding the worth and value of all people. We believe in challenging the criminalization and demonization of black males. We combat their victimization through the development of their Identity, Self-Esteem, Interpersonal Relationships, Communication Skills and Community Involvement. The CLIC for Boys’ core values are Power, Respect, Family and Legacy.

Resilience to Overcome Opposition thru Truth

CLIC for Boys Admission Application

Everything we do is to rewrite and represent the social and internal narrative about the character, capacity, and intrinsic value of black boys in order to improve their

Cultural Awareness, Self-esteem, and Experiences in Society.

WHY Should People Care?

Society will benefit from the contributions of these boys as they fulfill their potential. The financial pull on taxpayers’ dollars will decrease due to a reduction in juvenile delinquency, school dropouts, suicide, and depression. Black boys need culturally specific care because the black boy, more so than any other boy of color, has a unique cultural history resulting in a higher tendency for adverse experiences.

WHAT does CLIC for Boys programs and services provide?

Authentic mentoring from qualified male volunteers using an original curriculum based on focus group research.


“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”

-Karl Augustus Menninger

HOW does CLIC for Boys facilitate its programs?

We change the social narrative is by creating dynamic media projects such as documentaries, artwork and publications that present a more accurate representation of black boys. To change the internal narrative we will develop resilience, fearlessness, and a relentless pursuit of truth in black boys and their fathers (or adult male influencer) through transformational workshops.

WHEN are CLIC for Boys programs and activities facilitated?

It varies, based on the needs and schedules of the participants. During the week, for students, the programs and activities will be after school. There will also be evening and weekend activities as well as around-the-clock virtual access.

WHERE are CLIC for Boys programs and services facilitated?

The programs and services are facilitated at the CLIC location as well as online and in venues within the community.


HOW does CLIC for Boys measure success?

  • Internal narrative – self-report surveys

  • Transformational workshops – Pre and post tests

  • Self-esteem pre-program questionnaire, mid-program questionnaire, end of program questionnaire

  • Staff member anecdotal notes, observations and interviews with participants

  • Participation rates

CLIC for Boys Admission Application